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French (native) and Spanish teacher/tutor with more than 20 years experience, member of the Association of Tutors.

Experience in: language clubs, businesses, exam preparation (GCSE, A Level, Baccalaureate...), College of Further Education, secondary schools, independent learning, online teaching. This experience has guided me towards a holistic approach.

Encouraging the use of the target language from the beginning instils confidence and creates genuine communicative opportunities for a learner.

Maitrise FLE, DUEFEL, European graduate and post-graduate, Univ. Toulouse, Univ. Barcelona, PGCE Modern Languages, Member of the Association of Tutors



Benefits of Online Tutoring

  • It allows you to focus more by looking at the screen.

  • You can have the recording of the lesson.

  • You can use an interactive whiteboard, watch documents and videos.

  • You can just go home from work or school make yourself a nice cup of tea and start your lesson, or jump out of bed in your pyjamas and open your computer… less advisable if you are not a morning person.

  • Payment is easy online, you generally reserve your lesson by paying it in advance, buy a block of lessons or pay monthly, directly to a bank account or via paypal.

  • You can sometimes buy a certain amount of time and use it for quick help for homework or at your work whenever the tutor and you have 10 mn to spare.

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        Central Bath UK

For more information about me and face-to-face tutoring make sure to click this link